BUD 501 Mind and Its World I: Valid Cognition & BUD 502 Clear Thinking

Foundation Curriculum
April 6–May 20, 2013
Online/Inclass Semester Program - Boulder, CO
Spring Semester

This course explores the criteria of a valid cognition and its various classifications, based on the teachings from the Pramāna tradition, or Buddhist epistemology. We will analyze our consciousness and determine to what degree it is in agreement with its observed object or not; when our mind is direct or not; what the difference is between non-mistaken, non-deceiving, conceptual and non-conceptual types of awareness.

2 credits.

Course code: BUD 501i (inclass); BUD 501o (online); BUD 502i (inclass); BUD 502o (online)

Prerequisite: None (But note that Clear Thinking is a companion course with Mind and Its World I.  It is highly recommended that students take both together.)


Instructors: Jirka Hladiš

Meeting Times

April 6 – May 20, 2013 Mondays & Saturdays
(Mondays on Apr 8, 15, 22, 29 & May 6, 13, 20, 6pm-8pm MST)
(Saturdays on Apr 6, 13, 27 & May 11, 18, 9am-5pm MST)

Class Topics

  • Divisions of mind
  • Definitions of valid cognition
  • Definition of direct valid cognition
  • Sense direct valid cognition
  • Two truths in Vaibhāshika and Sautrāntika view
  • Process of perception in Vaibhāshika and Sautrāntika view
  • Mental direct valid cognition
  • Self-aware direct valid cognition
  • Yogic direct valid cognition
  • Seeming direct cognition
  • Definition of inferential valid cognition for oneself and for others
  • Appearing object, referent object, object of engagement
  • Nonvalid cognition
  • Three results of valid cognition

Required Texts

You are responsible for purchasing your course texts. For texts from Nitartha Institute Publications, please email Tashi at publications@nitarthainstitute.org and allow 3 weeks for delivery of texts in North America. For overseas shipping, please allow 2–3 weeks for airmail and 4–6 weeks for surface shipping.

Mode of Instruction

The class is part of our online campus and is available as streaming video, as well as downloadable audio. You have the ability to ask questions live through a chat window and through the course's online discussion forum. Also, there are posted study questions, recommended readings, and exam questions.

Login information will be provided prior to the first class.


Odantapuri, Nalandabodhi Boulder

100 Arapahoe Ave. #6
Boulder, CO 80302


$460, plus a non-refundable $3 transaction fee

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Additional Information

For questions about this course, contact Fitri Junoes, our Online Program Coordinator, at fjunoes@nitarthainstitute.org.


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