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Nitartha Institute offers a systematic set of courses that present the curriculum of the shedra or monastic university tradition of the Kagyü and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The courses are arranged into the three progressives sets of courses of the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced curriculums, with certificates granted at the completion of each level of curriculum.

  • All courses of the Foundation and Intermediate curriculums are offered in each of the three Nitartha semesters — fall, spring, and summer — in various modes of delivery, both inclass and online. The entire Foundation and Intermediate curriculums can also be taken as self-paced online courses.
  • Advanced courses are also offered each semester as live inclass courses, with a live online/self-paced option. Past advanced courses are also available as self-paced online courses.
  • Tibetan Language intensive courses (both literary and spoken) and a Science of Healing course are offered in the Summer Institute.
  • Local inclass courses are offered either in a semester format that meets weekly or a nine-day intensive format during the spring and fall semesters. The summer courses are offered in a month-long summer intensive format that is divided into two two-week sessions.
  • A number of the live inclass courses are also offered as live online courses. Online courses can also be taken in a self-paced manner at any time from the archives of the Nitartha Institute Online Campus.

This varied, flexible approach to course scheduling allows you to proceed through the Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the curriculum at your own pace, mixing the inclass and online courses that best fit your schedule.

Current and upcoming Programs

All current and upcoming courses are listed here. Click the links to see complete information about the courses, including how to register.

Art Courses

The next set of Art Courses will happen at the 2015 Summer Institute.

    Stay tuned for more information.

Foundation Courses

You should first take BUD 501 Mind and Its World I and BUD 502 Clear Thinking together, since the first course uses traditional tools for analysis taught in the second course. After that, we recommend taking the three remaining courses of the Foundation curriculum in sequential order, though you may take them in any order if that is better for your schedule.

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Intermediate Courses

We recommend taking the four courses of the Intermediate curriculum in sequential order, though you may take them in any order if that is better for your schedule.

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Advanced Courses

The courses of the Advanced curriculum can be taken in any order.

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2015 Nitartha Summer Institute

Mid-July – mid-August, 2015. Will be held at Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.

We will provide details about the upcoming 2015 Summer Institute as soon as they are ready.

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Self-paced Online Courses

Our entire Foundation and Intermediate curriculum is now available as self-paced online courses, as are some of our Advanced courses. Take advantage of these courses to proceed through the Nitartha Institute curriculum at a schedule and pace that suits you.

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9-Day Courses

Stay tuned for upcoming courses.

Weekend Courses

Stay tuned for upcoming courses.

Semester Courses

  • BUD 501 Mind and Its World I: Valid Cognition & BUD 502 Clear Thinging Seattle, WA: Live inclass. Semester format. January 7 - March 18, 2015. Instructors: Dr. Stuart Horn & Dr. Sandra Roscoe
  • BUD 510 Mind and Its World II: Mental Events & Causality Boulder, CO & New York, NY: Live inclass and live streaming online. Semester format. September 2 – November 25, 2014. Instructors: Jirka Hladiš and Todd Anderson

Stay tuned for upcoming courses.

Online Review Courses

Self-paced online review courses that are available on an ongoing basis for Nitartha students who have taken the corresponding Foundation core courses.

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